Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pitch Bible Concept

Need a name for this story...

Hoshi and Kenta were best friends.  They were inseparable, always playing together and with Hoshi’s curiosity leading them, always getting into trouble. After a certain incident, it was decided that the two got into too much mischief when together so Kenta was sent far away, somewhere across the stars. Hoshi, not willing to leave her dear friend all alone, decided to go and find him. She lassoed a shooting star for a ride and used it to travel to other planets. The first stop in her search was the moon, where she met a white rabbit named Shiro. He’d lived by himself there for as long as he could remember, but when Hoshi arrived, he realized how lonely he was. So, he decided to accompany her and help keep her out of trouble while she searched. Together, the two explored the galaxy, going from planet to planet and meeting the inhabitants in the hopes that one of them could point them in Kenta’s direction.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three Environments

Didn't have a whole lot of ideation here, just kind of... went with it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Young Motoko Kusanagi Character Sheets

 Completely redid the design because my last one was, well... ugly.

Here are her street clothes. I wanted a design that covered up most of her cyborg parts, so that she could get close to passing as a normal little girl. I also wanted the design to be feminine, since throughout the series, Motoko occasionally shows moments of struggling with her identity as a woman when she knows she could just as easily be placed inside a male cybernetic body. I took inspiration from Motoko's design in the second season of Stand Alone Complex, seen below it.

This is her combat uniform, her normal clothing in a sense. I wanted the design to be modern and militaristic, while still showing off some of her cyborg parts. The leotard influences come from Motoko's first season outfit in Stand Alone Complex, also pictured below it.

This is an alternate costume for Motoko. No real explanation here, I hadn't drawn a cowboy costume before and I thought it would be interesting and cute.